A Culture Shame

Being Mexican American, I have had very mixed signals about how modesty is viewed be it clothing or in social conversations.

Dressing provocatively basically labels you as a slut.

The Mexican culture is heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic church, as is many Hispanic cultures. Modesty is heavily praised towards women, with a heavy focus on growing attributes similar to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Women must dress conservatively, respect their elders ex. use “usted” not “tu”, not engage in sexual activity till marriage, etc. But the newer generation such as my parents have grown to accept only part of the old cultures conservative views. You can dress with less clothing as long as you do it in a fashionable way. You can talk comfortably to your elders but still use the proper nouns. Sexual activity is okay but use protection.

Just tune into Univision, Telemundo, Galavision, or Televisa for half an hour and I’m sure you are to find at least one girl wearing an outfit that is far from moderate. Much of the conservative views have not changed but the amount of skin one shows is the least of their concerns.

I Think This Is Pretty Much the standard. I think that my generation is trying to swayou away from this but if you try you are looked down upon and labeling and slut shaming is intense from everyone.

The stereotype of the sexy Latina woman is not a negative one but it is not a positive either. I’ve often found people confused about if you’re Latina then why are you at you like this or that or why don’t you speak like this or that. Not all people are the same in no matter what cullture you find it’s the same within Asian Americans Latin Americans African-Americans were not all the same we don’t carry the same attitude but TV often portrayed us with the same attitude personality, accent, etc.

I often enjoy videos on YouTube from Stuff Your Mother Dosn’t Tell You and she made one on the topic.

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