Crinoline Hoopskirts And The Massive Ballgowns

I love crinoline hoopskirts and the massive ballgowns and petticoats and corsets and everything that goes with them.

I’d die for reconstruction era dresses and big poofy quinceanera dresses. I realise this deviates from normal clothes and I realise this isn’t cheap or easy but I hardly see any interest/ love for these in any cd group. To be fair my lurking is sporadic here and elsewhere.

For me it represents superfemininity and sometimes that’s what I dig other times I’m into more normal clothe. Ballgowns and stuff like wedding or prom dresses are just so feminine and wonderful feeling!

Victorian Choice has some reasonably priced (about $150) 18th and 19th century dresses.

I recently got these dresses and am happy with them.

Also, has some great prom dresses and wedding dresses at an affordable price.

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