Dramatic Decline in Dementia

There are around 100 different types of dementia about 70% of dementia patients have Alzheimer’s disease, or age related cerebral atrophy and cognitive decline with the presence of Beta-amyloid plaque build up and so on.

The second most common type is vascular dementia which accounts for 20 – 25%, and is a group of different diseases. These are dementias caused by inhibited vasculature to the cerebrum, so having a stroke, or any cardiovascular history makes you more susceptible to disease of the vascular dementia subtype, most people who have cardiovascular disease or strokes or MI’s from negative lifestyle factors have these effects later in life so vascular dementia’s are typically seen in older adults like Alzheimer’s Disease is. Smoking is most definitely a risk factor here (not so much with other kinds of dementia) however we typically don’t associate or promote the risk between smokers and dementia as many smokers die of COPD before they get dementia.

One reason is adequate nutrition, adequate exercise and much like tobacco a reduction in alcohol consumption.

There are many many factors influencing longevity 10 percent are genetic or things you can’t change 90 percent are lifestyle factors or things you can change. If you want to be healthy focus on the four pillars before getting bogged down and anxious about the complexities of health.

The other important factors are a life of social interaction and sense of purpose. If you want to learn more about what we know I would recommend ‘Blue Zones‘ as a primer.

Nutrition is also a complex rabbit hole of misinformation and uncertainties so I appreciate how hard it is to just ‘eat healthy’ we don’t really know what it means yet and won’t for some time (as long term studies are still undergoing). I’m not qualified to say anything about nutrition but I would say the key points to consider – do you know how much a portion of x actually is and could you mentally tally your daily, weekly intake of salt and sugar etc and consider what you need when you make subsequent meal choices, food dairies are good for this.

I’m not saying you are unhealthy I’m just saying this is what I define as issues we face when we consider nutrition.

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